Wight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips

The world is emerging with newer technologies making everything easy and automated for humans. Contributing factors to this are; vehicles to travel in till the supermarket or grocery stores; everything available under one roof so moving from one place to another is simple, online shopping and home delivery of clothes, appliances and other items and hectic work life in offices is also another concern since people may not get time to use the office gyms.

Factors such as hormonal imbalance, stress and depression, menopause, side effect resulting from medication could lead to gaining excess body weight. Gaining weight or turning fat takes a toll on the person’s self-confidence and appearance. The individual is ashamed and refrains from participating in social activities or events like meeting friends, going for outings and parties or simply even posing for pictures to upload on social networking sites. Low confidence levels, lack of interest, joint and back pains, muscle pains and shortage of breath while doing any activity at home or outside and after climbing stairs comes as a package with obesity.
Apart from the above reasons such as being a couch potato, sitting and watching TV continuously or doing a particular activity which does not require moving for hours, binging, irregular eating and sleeping habits and frequent visit to restaurants are other reasons leading to obesity. Another important point to note is the genetic factor which is also a major contributor for weight gain. This can be passed on from parents or grandparents. Hence, studying and understanding your family medical history is very important for you to control you eating habits and life style.

It’s never too late to realize and work towards a healthy lifestyle and gain few extra years to live. Here are some weight loss tips that you will find useful.

Wight Loss Tips

Wight Loss Tips

Some Effective Weight Loss Tips

  • Maintain your food timings and quantity. Track your food intake after every meal to be within the daily calorie limit.
  • Watching TV while eating will never make you realize the amount of food you intake hence, switch off the TV till you finish your meal.
  • Make a conscious effort to chew your food at least 25 to 30 times. This reduces cravings between meals.
  • Cut down on colas, sodas, artificial fruit juices, bakery products, chocolates, frozen products, fast foods and fried food. Supplement it with herbal tea and fresh fruits without sugar.
  • Include a lot of fruits and salads in your diet.
  • Yogurt is a very good supplement for ice creams.
  • Melons, berries, beans and whole grains should be had in plenty.
  • Drinking green tea rich in antioxidants acts as a diuretic and helps in reducing body swells. Ensure to drink 3-4 liters of water daily.
  • Drink 250 ml of water as soon as you wake to kick start the metabolism process. Having 250 ml of water half an hour before every meal helps in the digestion process.
  • Do not sleep immediately after you eat. It is good to eat 1.5 to 2 hours before going to sleep.

Along with diet alterations, routine exercise must also be done. Here are some tips to help you.

  • Weigh yourself, measure your body parts and set up a realistic expectation for weight loss.
  • Maintain a workout diary.
  • Try to do the workouts with low and high intensity. Mostly importantly start with the exercises which you like. Once you notice the extra calories dropping you can indulge in other workout variations.
  • Do an hour of workout daily and keep yourself hydrated at all times.
  • Go for a brisk morning walks or jogging in the park. First 5-10 minutes of moderate speed, next 45-50 minutes of brisk walk and the last 5-10 minutes of moderate to slow speed to bring your heart rate to normal.
  • Over time you can increase the duration when you know you have gained the stamina.
  • Cycling outdoors is also a good exercise to reduce weight and build stamina.
  • Take up weight training with the advice from your physician and gym instructor’s help. This helps in burning calories efficiently.
  • Yoga is a good way to relax and breathe, medicate and also burn calories at the same time.
  • Stretches are very important part of any workout. This enhances the blood circulation between the muscles.
  • Find a game which you enjoy and join a club with your family or friends. Sharing and discussing goals with an exercise buddy keeps the motivation and interest levels on.
  • When you see yourself sweating and losing those extra pounds or kilos no one can stop you from accomplishing your desired goal.
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