Rooibos Tea Health Benefits

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos in Afrikaans means red bush. It is a broom like plant which grows in South Africa. The leaves of this plant are used to make herbal tea which is called Rooibos Tea or Bush Tea. It is also known as Red Bush Tea in Great Britain. Rooibos is cultivated in mountainous areas of South Africa. The leaves are oxidized which is also called fermentation. It enhances the flavour and gives it the reddish brown colour. There is another variety which is unoxidized and therefore green in colour. Green Rooibos tea is more expensive. Green Rooibos flavour is malty and grassy. Rooibos Tea is made and consumed in the same manner as black tea. It has great taste and unique color.

Rooibos Tea Plant

Rooibos Tea Plant

Rooibos Tea Health Benefits

In Britain there is a saying “While there is tea there is hope”. How true!! Rooibos tea has mild and pleasant flavour and is caffeine free. It also has low content of tannin and has loads of minerals. It is rich in flavonoid and therefore is an excellent antioxidant. The tea has water soluble polyphenls and has anti inflammatory and anti viral properties. Following are the health benefits of Rooibos tea: –

  • It is completely free from caffeine. Hence it does not have harmful effect of consuming too much caffeine.
  • It cures nagging headache and insomnia.
  • Rooibos tea is helpful in Bone Weakness, Hypertension and Allergies.
  • It treats asthma and eczema.
  • Due to its strong antioxidant properties the tea prevents premature aging and also boosts immune system of your body. Hence the body can fight various deceases effectively.
  • Due to polyphenols, Rooibos tea has antimutagenic, anti viral and anti inflammatory properties. They remove free radicals from the body that can cause cancer and heart ailments. The antioxidants protect our bodies from various deceases by boosting immune system.
  • As the tea has no caffeine patients of insomnia can easily enjoy the benefits of the tea. It does not make you dependent on caffeine to improve mood and to relieve stress.
  • Rooibos tea is beneficial in case of stress, nervous tension and hypertension.
  • It is also a brochodilator and hence relieves respiratory problem in asthma patients.
Rooibos Tea Health Benefits

Rooibos Tea Health Benefits

Rooibos Tea for Bone Health

Red Rooibos Tea is rich in fluorides, manganese and calcium. So it prevents development of arthritis, osteoporosis and joint pain. It also gives good bone structure and strong teeth. The fluorides help in maintaining dental health.

Rooibos Tea for Healthy Heart

The anti inflammatory properties of Rooibos help in lowering blood pressure. The tea contains quercetin which is helpful in many heart ailments. The tea also increases HDL (Good Cholesterol) and reduces LDL (Bad Cholesterol) in the blood. This protects the heart against high blood pressure and stroke.

Rooibos Tea for Diabetes

The tea contains a rare antioxidant called aspalathin. This antioxidant balances blood sugar and improves glucose absorption by muscles. It also improves insulin resistance. Therefore Rooibos provides defence against type 2 diabetes. If a person already has diabetes then consumption of Rooibos tea prevents spikes and drops in blood sugar.

Rooibos Tea for Skin Care

It is extremely beneficial in maintaining healthy and glowing skin. The red Rooibos tea contains alpha hydroxy acids and zinc. Alpha Hydroxy Acid is a very popular ingredient in many of the commercial face creams. There are very few plants which naturally contain alpha hydroxy acids. Rooibos is one of them!! This chemical reduces sign of wrinkles and premature aging of skin. It revitalises and invigorates your skin and gives it a healthy glow. It is always better to opt for natural sources of alpha hydroxy acids. Application of red tea powder directly on the skin helps in removing acne and pimples.

Rooibos Tea for Kidney Stone Patients

Sometimes doctors tell kidney stones patients not to drink tea. But there is no such problem if you drink Rooibos tea. This tea does not contain oxalic acid. So kidney patients can drink this tea as much as they want without any harmful effect.

Rooibos Tea is Antispasmodic

The tea contains K+ potassium ions. This is an antispasmodic agent. So the tea gives relief in stomach cramps and abdominal pains. It soothes the gastrointestinal tract, prevents diarrhoea and other is helpful in intestinal ailments.

How to Make Rooibos Tea

It is quite simple. Put rooibos tea in a pot. Pour hot water over it. Cover the pot and leave it for five minutes. Strain the tea in a cup. Add sugar and milk to taste and drink.

Rooibos Tea Face Mask

Make a cup of tea and let it cool to room temperature. Add a teaspoon of honey and one tablespoon of sugar to the cold tea. Using your fingers massage this liquid on your face with circular motion. Do this massage for two minutes. Leave it on for 10 minutes. Now rinse off with cold water. This face mask removes dead skin and improves blood circulation. You facial skin will feel plumped up after using this face pack

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