Darken The Outer Corners of Your Eye

Prom Makeup Tips

Prom Makeup Tutorial

Prom is the most exciting day of one’s life. For me, deciding what to wear and what kind of makeup to choose was difficult than choosing the prom date. After all, it is once in a life time experience and there is no scope of messing up the day. My prom night was super cool and I must admit I have committed some unforgivable sins with my makeup.

During our times Internet was not so popular that we learn anything and everything from the online tutorials (not that I’m too old. wink! wink!). But on the other hand, you girls are really lucky. The fashion industry successfully reached every individual through internet and is offering you complete support to make your prom free from mistakes. I’m here for the same reason. All you need to do is simply and carefully follow them. So let’s quickly jump on to the learning spree about prom makeup tips.

Hairdo for Prom Night

Let your hairdo be very special. Don’t get out of the house with simple loose hair. Yes, I know loose hair is beautiful but a prom night is like youngster’s red carpet. Walk down the aisle with grace. I had chosen a messy bun and I have no regrets.

If you hair is long, go for versatile buns and braids coupled with gracious jewelry. If your hair is rather short, curl them and beautifully set the hair with bouncy curls falling away from your face. Use some accessories like shiny and glittery head band, colorful clips, etc if you decide on letting your hair loose.

Now let’s discuss about the queen of the evening – The Makeup.

While what you wear and how you style your hair weight on one side, what balances the engine is your makeup. Makeup has the ability to both make and break your prom night. So be wise in deciding on your makeup.

Don’t go for darker shades

It’s not that dark shades are not beautiful. But for a prom night, dark shades have several disadvantages. Prom night happens in the evening that carries forward till night. Therefore prefer lighter shades of makeup. Light, pleasant and subtle makeup is the best deal. Also, with dark makeup, you end up looking older than you actually are. Teenage girls are better when they actually dress up like one. Same is the treaty for young adults.

Apply minimal eye makeup but spotlight your lips. For lips, don’t choose colors like brown, black and other irregular shades. Instead go for light pinks and reds. These colors are ideal for most of the skin tones.

Ensure Your Skin is Flawless for Prom Makeup

Most of the teenage girls have problems related to acne. But that is fine. Acne can’t ruin your day. There are a lot of ways to cover up the acne quite efficiently.

The best way is to prep your skin for the day much in advance. Drink lots of water and always keep your body hydrated. This is enough to control acne to a great extent. But if you still couldn’t find a way out, there are a lot of makeup products available at your service.

Foundation coupled with smooth matte powder help you in hiding acne as well as acne scar. You need some practice to apply and get that polished look.

Girls, remember nobody is perfect and makeup is not meant to hide your natural features but it is meant to enhance them. I have heard several people telling me that applying makeup can ruin the skin further. But ladies this is not completely true. Acne is internal. What you eat and how you live decides acne. If your body is clean, makeup cannot cause acne. If you already have acne, do not rub products on the spot, instead pat them.

Now let’s look at how to hide acne and acne scars and enjoy flawless skin.

Moisturizer: Apply a moisturizer of your choice and let it stay undisturbed for about 5 minutes.

Foundation: Apply foundation after moisturizer is completely absorbed. Use foundation that is very thin. You will have to try a lot of products before choosing one. Do not rub the foundation into your skin. Use a sponge and pat it on the skin.

Powder: Use a smooth powder that can matte your skin smoothly. Grab some powder on the brush, tab off the extra and apply powder on your skin. Instead of rubbing it, simply pat the brush all over your face.

Check this YouTube video for a detailed version of my explanation.

That is all you need to do, to cover the unwanted scars on your face. If you are wondering, why I have mentioned nothing about concealer, there is a reason. In most of the cases, use of foundation is just enough to cover up the scars and blemishes. Concealer is a thicker version of foundation. So if you use good quality foundation, you can rip off the need of concealer. If you still wish to use concealer, check out our previous tutorial

Fresh Pinky Cheeks for Prom Makeup

The blush colors you choose for your cheeks have a strong impact on your appearance. After application of foundation and matte powder, grab a blush and apply it on your cheeks. Blend the color outwards for a clean sweep.

The blush gives your face a healthy and fresh look. The color you choose should gel well with the color of your skin tone. A pretty pink shade is a good choice. But what shade of pink to choose can be decided only after a lengthy trial and error technique. Try as many blush colors as possible before finalizing on the product. That is the only possible way following which you can choose the right shade and type of blush.

Eye Makeup Dramatics

Where ever you go and whatever be the occasion, the most important segment of makeup is eye makeup. But for your prom night, the things you should remember are huge in number in terms of eye makeup. Going for dark shades of eye makeup can prove to be a wrong decision but it should not be soulless too.

Here are some of the coolest prom eye makeup ideas you should never throw out of the window.

Darken The Outer Corners of Your Eye

Darken The Outer Corners of Your Eye

When you darken the outer corners of your eye, you will look no less than a Greek goddess. This trick perfectly enhances the beauty of your eyes and gives you the feel of bigger looking eyes. You will look absolutely divine in your photos.

Start by applying the lightest shade to the corners of your eye and next apply medium shade to the middle of your eye by slowly blending the shade to the outer corners. Now define the shape and apply the darkest tone to the outside corner. Blend the color with a proper brush for better results.

Cat Eyes for Prom Makeup

Cat Eyes for Prom Makeup

Cat eye grew popular these days and you are all open to give it a try. By cat eyes I don’t mean to say the color of your eyes. It’s all in the makeup. This sort of eye makeup has the ability to give your look altogether a new definition.

Cat eyes makeup, for a beginner, is harder to achieve. But girls give it some practice and it is all worth your effort. If you are planning to go for this mode of makeup, keep the rest of the makeup at ease. Otherwise you look overdone.

Using grey eye liner, draw the borders of the eye makeup. Make sure shapes of both the eyes are identical. Apply eye shadow within the shape. Sharpen the edges with eye liner and you are all set to go. Don’t forget the mascara.

Eyelashes for Elegance

Eyelashes for Elegance

Eye lashes are the crowning beauty of your face. It would be a blunder to neglect such an important aspect of makeup. If your eye lashes are thick and long then you are a blessed spirit. Otherwise, these is always a way out. Use artificial eye lashes. That way, you will be able to give a shape to your eyes. However false eyelashes are pain and take a lot of time to put in place. So balance these points before you make a wise decision.

Curling the eyelashes is another very important segment. Use curler for better results. If you don’t possess one, use other means of curling. But do not give it up.

Mascara and Eyeliner for Prom Makeup

Mascara and Eyeliner for Prom Makeup

These two products are like oxygen to every woman. Carry them with you if possible. They can make anything fall in place within a drop of a hat.

Master the art of applying mascara and eyeliner. Frankly, it’s not a big deal. You will hardly need to practice once or twice. Use waterproof products.

While applying mascara, do it twice for a proper coat. After it is dry, use a brush and comb through the eyelashes. This is to remove the unwanted residue and debris of mascara and grab a polished look. While curling them, curl the lashes at the roots first, then in the middle and finally at the ends. Repeat the process if you are not satisfied with the results. Deal with the false eyelashes very carefully.

I prefer applying eyeliner only to the half of the lower outer lash line. This is to give your eyes an elegant and fresh look. But in case of upper lash line, eyeliner is applied in full. You will learn the acoustics with time. But for the time being, grab these tips and chew them like an expert.

Now this was all about prom makeup. However there are certain things that no one would tell you about prom. However in order to make the day nothing less than a perfect one, here is what you need to ensure.

  1. Get your facial and haircut done two days in advance. It takes some time for your skin and hair to fall in place.
  2. Drink lots of water. Start this regime at least a couple of months prior to your prom night. Trust me, you will find the difference.
  3. Plan your travel comfortably. Getting stressed up to arrange for travel in the last minute washes away the glow on your face. So be very careful.
  4. If your school is offering entry into the prom with tickets, buy them well in advance.
  5. Give everything a trial before your prom. You never know what goes wrong. Also you will have an experience in hand.
  6. Save some money for your big day.
  7. Make a list of things you want to do so that you miss nothing.
  8. Make up your mind on what you want to wear. Do not wait till the last minute.
  9. Try on your shoes. Shoes that hurt are hard to handle. Comfortable shoes strike the deal.
  10. Last but not the least, wear a smile all through. You cannot relive those moments. So make the most out of it.

That’s it from us for the day. Hope this tutorial was helpful. We have tried everything possible to bring you all the important aspects. If we haven’t mentioned anything please do drop your valuable comments. We would love to include them.

Also, do let us know how your prom night was with your wonderful photographs. Click as many pictures as possible. At the end of the day, the memories are all we are left with. Hope everything goes amazingly well.

Remember, you are beautiful and you can make anyone go around you. Be confidant and show confidence. No one can bring you down except you. So aim high and go high.

Like I always say, stay healthy, stay stylish and stay beautiful.

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