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Gorgeous Pink French Manicure Nail Art

10 Amazing French Manicure

Fashion conscious women around the world love to deck up, whether it is about their makeup, hair, outfits or accessories! Manicure also forms an important part of her fashion regime and she looks to make her nails outstanding by trying out different forms of manicure. French manicure is regarded as one of the most popular […]

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3D Floral Japanese Nail Art Design

10 Popular Japanese Nail Art Designs

Nail art has become the latest trend for women all over the world and Japan is no exception as the country is known for its fashion and style sense. In fact, Japanese nail art has become a popular form of this art and has earned global fame, rather than being confined only to the country […]

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Glitter Ombre Nail Art Design

Ombre Nail Art Tutorial

Nail art has become an integral part of a woman’s look these days and many fashion lovers consider beautiful nails as essential as beautiful clothes and accessories. Moreover, variety is what they crave and this is easy to get in nail art, considering the endless options available. One of the most widely appreciated forms of […]

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Rich Gold and Burgundy Nail Design

Top 10 Burgundy Nail Designs

The color of nail polish you choose for your nail manicure not only makes a difference to the aesthetic value of your nails, but also has a lot to say about your style and attitude. For instance, red stands for passion and black for mystery; similarly, burgundy is revered as the color of sophistication and […]

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Cute Pink Evening Party Nail Design

Top 10 Evening Party Nail Designs

So is the party season ahead for you……a corporate event, a friends’ get together or a family wedding? Then it’s probably thinking time for you as you might be contemplating on a variety of things, your outfit, accessories, makeup and hairdo, along with a lot of other things. Your nails make an important part of […]

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Bold Red and Black French Manicure Nail Art Design

10 Best French Manicure Nail Art Designs

Women tend to look for different manicure styles to give unique looks to their nails but there are some designs which are literally ageless. They are as popular today as they were decades ago, and French manicure makes one of such eternal favorites in nail art. Whether your nails are short or long, nothing can […]

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Red and Gold Indian Wedding Nail Art

10 Popular Wedding Nail Art Designs

Wedding is the most important event in a woman’s life and this is the day when she wants to look her perfect best. She wants nothing less than perfection, when it comes to her bridal outfit, make up, hair style and of course, nail art. Nail artists around the world are constantly working to create […]

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