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Colors for every occasion

Indian Bridal Nail Art Trends

Wedding Nail Art Designs The Indian wedding is all about extravagance and beauty, whether it is about the Indian bridal outfit, makeup, hair or nails. This is the occasion for the bride to flaunt the best she has and is going to be the best day of her life, when she gets all the attention […]

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Purple Ombre Shellac Nail Design

10 Popular Shellac Manicure Nail Art

As more and more women across the world are becoming fashion conscious, the love for nail art is growing on a global scale. Consequently, they are ready to spend a good deal of money on various nail art techniques. One of the most popular and innovative amongst these nail art techniques is shellac nail art, […]

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Natural Pink and Metallic Silver French Bridal Nail Art

10 Best Metallic Nail Art for Brides

Wedding Nail Designs Wedding is the occasion when a girl needs to look her best, a once in a lifetime experience, when she is going to be the center of attention. Whether it is about her wedding dress, her hair, makeup or nails, she should settle for nothing but the best. Metallic nails are particularly […]

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Midnight Blue with Hearts Bridal Nail Art

10 Popular Bridal Nail Art

Bridal Nail Art Gallery Every girl dreams of being a bride one day and on that special day, she wants to look nothing but perfect, whether it is about her outfit, hair, jewelry or nails. Though girls tend to ignore nail preparation for the big day, they need to realize that nail art is going […]

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Colored Hearts Valentine Day Nail Art

Valentine Day Nail Art Design

Valentine Day Nail Art Ideas Valentine’s Day is a special of the year, particularly for the ones in love as it is the perfect time to express the true feelings of your heart. While men profess their love through special gifts like flowers, chocolates and jewelry, women can try some cool ideas like wearing their […]

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Bejeweled French Bridal Nail Art Design

Bridal Nail Art Designs French

French Nails for Brides Your wedding is just round the corner and you have everything planned, your bridal gown ready, your hair and makeup discussed with your stylist and the jewelry laid out. But it seems that something is still left…..and you realize at the last moment that you have not decided what to do […]

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Fall Leaves Wedding Nail Design

Bridal Nail Art for Short Nails

Wedding Nail Art Every girl has excitement for her wedding day as it is the most important day of her life, when she wants to look her best. Whether it is about her dress, hairdo, makeup or nails, a bride should settle for nothing less than perfect. Though the event has the bride as the […]

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Multicolor Shellac Manicure Nail Design

10 Best Shellac Manicure Nail Art

As nail art is becoming more and more popular these days, there has been a flood of innovative nail products in the market. One of these is shellac nail color, a product which is applied like a regular nail polish, but is amazingly lustrous and long lasting. In fact, it has the capacity to stay […]

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