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Michelle Montes Makeup Artist Bridal Makeup

Michelle Montes Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi

Michelle Montes is one of the popular wedding makeup artists in Delhi and NCR. She has more than 10 years of experience as a professional makeup artist. Michelle Montes has earned Diploma in International Cosmetology from Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics, Mumbai and also Long Hairstyling course from Blossom Kochhar College of Creative Arts […]

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Avantika Kapur Bridal Makeup

Avantika Kapur Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi

Avantika Kapur is one of the most versatile and sought after bridal makeup artist in Delhi. Avantika has received her training in bridal makeup from AOFM, London. She is a freelance makeup artist. Her style of bridal makeup is subtle and very classy. Avantika Kapur also takes assignments outside Delhi. She is open to travel […]

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Stick Concealer

How to Apply Concealer

How to Use Concealer For me Concealer is one of the most important beauty essentials that every woman should carry with her. It brings out instant glow in no time. This is a brilliant invention in the world of cosmetic with uses ranking in the never ending list. It can be used instead of foundation […]

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Mascara for Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners

Eye Makeup is considered the most important segment of makeup and to acquire perfection, one need to sharpen their skills by experimenting with different looks every day. You need to have an idea of all the instruments that are needed to achieve perfection. From eye liner to brow pencils, mascara to eye shadow, you should […]

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Cobalt Blue Eye Shadow

Eye Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes Eyes determine the way to one’s soul. With change in genetics, the color of the eyes differs and brown, black eyes are the common ones. The eyes appear brown due to the presence of a pigment called Melanin. It is the same pigment that helps the hair in getting the […]

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Smokey Eyes Makeup for Large Eyes

Eye Makeup Tips for Large Eyes

Eye Makeup Tips Eyes are the crowning glory of one’s looks. Women with big eyes are extremely fortunate. They are born with special gifted powers. Even according to a research conducted, it was stated that women with big eyes have the powers to make any man fall for them. However men with big eyes are […]

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Eye Liner for Small Eyes

Eye Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

Makeup to Make Eyes Look Bigger Eyes are considered the epitome of one’s personality. Also, it is the best way of making the first impression nothing less than the best. Irrespective of eyes being small or big, healthy eyes do make a lot of difference. If you are not blessed with big eyes and own […]

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Blush Application Image

Blush Colors for Your Skin Tone

Blush Colors for Your Skin Tone and Application Secrets Hi my beautiful friends! Today I have joined you with another interesting segment of makeup – The Blush Makeup. I have tried my best to answer all your queries and if I dint, please let me know through your valuable comments. What is Blush Makeup? Blush […]

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