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Chambor Velvette Touch Lip Liner

10 Best Lip Liners for Women

Popular Lip Liners in India Lip liner is always overlooked when it comes to lip makeup. Many women avoid wearing lip liner around their lips because they think that it looks unnatural. But in fact, lip liner is one of the major makeup elements that make your lips look plump, attractive and seductive. It is […]

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Maybelline Lip Polish

10 Best Lip Gloss in India

Lip Gloss for Women and Girls Think about the most noticeable things on your face. Among the few, your lips are one that most people notice in you at the first time. So is it fair with your looks to neglect the proper lip care? Well, it is not. The most common lip problem is […]

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Natural Makeup Remover

10 Best Natural Makeup Removers

Natural Makeup Remover In the whole make up regime, one last step that most of us overlook is removing makeup. But it is very important to remove all makeup before going to bed. It really feels so fresh and clean. Everyone makes up, whether light or heavy, to look beautiful. So makeup removal should be […]

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Jitin Rathore Bridal Makeup

Jitin Rathore Makeup Artist in Delhi

Jitin Rathore is a freelance makeup artist in Delhi. Jitin offers Bridal Makeup, Makeup for Fashion & Beauty, Advertising, Party Makeup, Designer Shoots and Editorial Makeup. His style of makeup is minimal, yet Jitin brings out the best in you. Jitin is able to bring out the natural beauty of the bride. Check out the […]

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Deepika Moriya Wedding Makeup

Deepika Moriya Makeup Artist in Delhi

Deepika Moriya is a freelance makeup artist in Delhi and NCR. Deepika started her career with the famous makeup artist Meenakshi Dutt. She worked with Meenakshi Dutt for more than ten years and learnt all that was to be learnt about fine art of makeup. Thereafter Deepika Moriya started on her own and became a […]

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Anuj Dogra Bridal Makeup

Anuj Dogra Makeup Artist in Delhi

Anuj Dogra is a freelance bridal makeup artist in Delhi and NCR. He entered this profession in the year 2009. In the initial stages of his career he worked with MAC as makeup artist. In fact he was highest selling makeup artist with MAC and had highest IPT all over India. He has received training […]

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Nivritti Chandra Bridal Makeup

Nivritti Chandra Makeup Artist in Delhi

Nivritti Chandra is a freelance bridal makeup artist in Delhi. Nivritti has been in fashion and beauty industry since 2008 and has more than 8 years of experience. She has done her masters from Lady Irwin College, New Delhi. Nivritti is also a gold medallist in Food & Nutrition. She works both from Delhi and […]

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Tejasvini Chander Bridal Makeup

Tejasvini Chander Makeup Artist in Delhi

Tejasvini Chander is a freelance bridal makeup artist in Delhi. Tejasvini has been trained at Glauca Rossi School of Photography and Fashion Makeup, London and also at London College of Fashion. These are one of the most famous international fashion colleges. She is the new generation fashion and makeup artist. Tejasvini Chander is equally good […]

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