Keratin Treatment for Hair

Keratin Treatment for Hair

Hair Care with Keratin

What is Keratin Hair Treatment? Keratin treatment for hair is trending in the beauty world these days. With this treatment, you need not worry about frizzy and untidy hair that spoils your look. With this treatment, you can easily turn your curly and frizzy hair that you might be carrying by birth. Keratin hair treatment offers you smoother and straight hair that lasts for longer. This is why keratin hair treatment is also called Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment and is popular simply as hair straightening treatment in modern salons. Before we learn more about this treatment, it is important to know what Keratin is.

What is Keratin?

Keratin is basically a type of protein found in our skin, hair and nails. In fact, each strand of our hair is composed of keratin proteins. It naturally exists in the hair. It acts as an external protective protein in the cuticle that is the outer layer of a hair strand and also as an internal structural protein in the cortex that is the inner core of the hair that is responsible for determining the strength of our hair. The level of keratin protein in our hair is affected when the hair is damaged physically, chemically or by environmental factors. The loss of keratin causes additional damage to our scalp and hair. But when we treat our hair to retrieve the lost keratin, our hair becomes smoother and healthier. This is where keratin hair straightening treatment comes into the picture.

Keratin Treatment for Hair

How Keratin Hair Treatment Works?

The treatment starts when the stylist applies the Keratin hair-straightening product that is a mixture of keratin and formaldehyde to the hair. Formaldehyde is a strong preservative. This mixture is filled in the gaps between hair shafts and then into the hair follicles using an extremely hot, flat iron to seal the mixture into the hair. When the flat iron comes into the contact with formaldehyde, it converts the liquid into gas vapors. The whole process takes approximately 90-minutes and the total timing varies according to the length of your hair. Salon keratin products may include additional ingredients like keratin complex smoothing therapy by Coppola, Global keratin complex, etc.

After taking this treatment, you don’t have to wash your hair for 3-4 days. Always use a sulfate-free shampoo. Some after-care shampoos for keratin treated hair include Sunsilk Hydra TLC with Nurtri-Keratin shampoo and Tresemme Keratin Shampoo. These shampoos help maintain the results of keratin hair straightening treatment effectively. Also read Keratin Treatment

Benefits of Keratin Hair Treatment

  • Keratin hair treatment works excellent on color-treated hair. Whether you have wavy hair or curly hair, it will help you style your hair perfectly on a permanent basis. You need not to fight your frizzy hair with this treatment.
  • If you love styling your hair on a regular basis, keratin hair treatment cuts down your cost of getting hair styles and also saves your time of styling your hair.
  • It is suitable for both men and women.
  • The treatment from well-trained stylist claims no side-effects.
  • It will turn your looks totally making your hair shiny, smooth and ad-worthy. You will get thousands of compliments with a new look.

Cautions while taking Keratin Hair Treatment

  • It is true that over exposure to formaldehyde may cause some health problems like irritation of the skin, eyes, nose and lungs. It may also cause dizziness. In worse cases, it may cause symptoms of asthma, nervous system damage and on-going pulmonary problems. So you should talk to your stylist about these issues before starting with the keratin hair treatment. You should also take prevention steps after taking this hair straightening treatment. It is better to go for low-formaldehyde products.
  • Since the treatment involves few strong chemicals, it is important to take care of your eyes and skin while undergoing this treatment. Avoid taking the treatment repeatedly even if your stylist recommends it. Give your hair rest from any type of chemical after taking this treatment.
  • Pregnant women should never undergo this treatment because it includes harmful chemicals and produce some harmful gases too.
  • Take the treatment only from well-trained hair stylists.
  • To avoid aftermaths of chemicals used in this treatment, opt for genuine products at a reputed salon. You can also take a patch test to avoid any after effects.

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