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Have been trying to learn how to apply eye shadow makeup yourself? Do not worry!! You have to be no beauty guru to attain a ticket to beautiful looking eyes. Perfectly sculpted eyes need right technique and shades of eye shadow. Don’t worry even if you are a beginner. You can achieve them all with simple practice sessions. All you would need to perfect your eye shadow routine are few quality products and a little practice. Initially you might mess it up. But if you keep trying it without losing heart, you will soon be an expert.

Here are some basic things you should know before applying the eye shadows. This probably might be very helpful for beginners.

Things  to Know About Eye Shadow Makeup

Things a beginner should know

  1. Know the shape of your eyes. Some well known eye shapes include hooded eyes, almond eyes, mono lid eyes, double lid eyes, downturned eyes, upturned eyes, protruding eyes, deep set eyes, wide set eyes and close set eyes. Check out the image below and know what your eye shape is.
  2. Learn parts of eyes very clearly. Because when you check a tutorial, you will not be confused with the names of the parts.

Areas of Eye for Eye Shadow

  1. Learn about brushes and its uses.
  2. Choose the formula of eye shadows that work best on you including cream, loose or pressed ones. Of all these three, pressed eye shadows are most preferred because they blend into the skin vey easily.
  3. Never skip primer. It is your savior.
  4. If you are planning to choose brighter colors for lash line, use white liner as a base.
  5. Choose right shadow for the basic eye shadow palette. Though this depends on how you want to apply the eye shadow, here are few generally followed guidelines.
    1. The lightest color is for brow bone highlighter.
    2. Second lightest color is for your lid.
    3. Second darkest color is for crease.
    4. The darkest color is for outer corner.
  6. To apply color to the eyes, prefer patting or dabbing. With your blending rush, practice blending with gentle motions.
  7. To soften the harsh lines, follow windshield wiper motions after applying color to your crease.
  8. Use eye shadow pencil to make a defined shape on the outer corners of the upper eye lid till you get a hold of eye shadow application.
  9. Last but not the least; don’t feel disheartened if you don’t master the art even after putting in a lot of effort. Your day will surely come. Keep practicing.

When it comes to makeup, every woman has the very same goal and that is to make eyes look bigger, prettier and brighter. For every eye shadow makeup, the basics remain same. The shape and color of the eye shadow is what that brings about drastic changes in the final results.

Try on these super cool eye shadows application methods and get on to the path of being the beauty queen of your friends circle. These methods and application standards lead you to become an expert from beginner’s level. Because here in this tutorial, let’s talk about one basic eye shadow makeup that you can wear to your office and the other one is slightly complicated one that you can choose for outings.

Eye Shadow Type I

Type I Eye Shadow Makeup Tutorial

Basic Eye Shadow Tutorial

This is a basic eye shadow tutorial that hardly takes five minutes. This probably might not happen as a beginner, but it surely does after you gain a hold of it. Let’s begin.

By the way this tutorial is not just for beginners but also for all those ladies who have been doing the makeup routing wrongly.

Note: you don’t have to use the same colors as mentioned here in this tutorial. You are super free to do eye shadow makeup as per your style.

Some important points to remember:

  • Ensure the blending brush you use is of super good quality. Also there is a way how you hold the brush. To attain a good control over the brush and avoid patchy blending, hold the brush away from the bristles. This way you get a good control over the brush.
  • Ensure the eye brows are in shape. For good eye shadow makeup, clean brows are very important.

Basic Eye Shadow Makeup Tutorial

  • Apply primer for a stronger base. If you check the video, concealer is being used first. This is however optional if you use a primer.
  • To set the primer in place, grab a skin tone patter. Gently pat on the eyes and that automatically sets the primer and concealer in place. This helps in easier blending of eye shadow along with creating a really smooth base.
  • Now let’s start with the actual application of eye shadow.
  • Grab the shade of eye shadow and apply is above the crease, close to the brow bone. The shade you apply at this point is called transition shade which is usually the lightest of the shades that you use for the makeup.
  • Check out this images to understand the acoustics of eye shadow shade

eye shadow makeup shades

  • Transition shade is used to create a flow of colors from eyelids to eye brow.
  • Pick up the shade of eye shadow that is darker than the transition shade and apply on the inner corners of the eye.
  • Grab the darkest shadow and create the proper shape on the outer corner. This is called crease shade. Now using the blending brush, blend the color towards the inner corner of the eyes, but do not reach the tear duct.  
  • Once the color is blended, you can add some more of the same shade just to intensify the look.
  • Join this shade with the transition shade to create an illusion of flow.
  • Now it is time to work on the inner corner of the eye again. If you want you can darken the already applied shade.
  • The shades that you apply on the inner and outer corners of the eyes should match well. They should be colors that relate well with each other. In most of the cases the shade used for inner corner is simply the lighter shade of the color used for outer corner.
  • Finish the look with eyeliner, mascara and curling of eye lashes.
  • You can wear this makeup where ever you go. The shades you choose intensity and lower the drama of the look. Also, it is super easy and hardly takes any time.
  • Here is your final look.

If you wish to check out the graphical description, click on the link below.

Let’s now check out the slightly complicated version of eye shadow makeup. It’s one of my favorite kinds. After a rigorous practice of continuous three months, I attained some expertise in this. So don’t worry if you looked like a ghost in your first experiment. Expect the worst to happen before you start.

Eye Shadow Type II

In this segment, let’s talk about Smokey eye shadow makeup along with this lets learn how glitter is added. There are wide variations of Smokey eye shadow makeup and one among them is explained here for you to learn.

Whether you have a big performance or a fancy gala lined up to attend, Smokey eye shadows is the best possible way to create a drama to your look. Most of the experts also go wrong while recreating a Smokey eye makeup. Right tools play the vital role in addition to the makeup artist.

Some Important Points To Remember:

  • The right brushes that you would need to achieve Smokey eyes are
    • Eye Shadow Brush – To apply lightest eye shadow shade to the lid and brow arch.
    • Shader Brush – To smoothly blend the darkest eye shadow from the lash line to the crease.
    • Angled Brush: This is a thin brush that is used to apply the eyeliner inwards starting from the outer corner of the eye. If you start with a thicker line, you will end up with thin line as you reach the inner corner of the eye.
    • Smudge Bush: This brush is used along the lash line to give your eyes a Smokey and seamless effect.
  • Keep your lips natural while applying Smokey eyes makeup..
  • There is a myth among several women that Smokey eyes are achieved with darker colors. This is not true. Use colors of your choice without any restriction.
  • Smudge the liner under your eyes to attain a better dramatic look.
  • While blending the shade, use a clean bush. Blend with color free brush.
  • A winged eye shadow look makes the Smokey eyes makeup more intense.
  • Metallic shades give a fresh look to the makeup. However go for it if you are comfortable applying such colors.

Smokey Eye Shadow Makeup Tutorial

Here we are going to discuss about black Smokey eyes. But you can choose shades of your choice like gold, metallic, etc. Many women think it is hard to work with black eye shadow. But trust me it’s not that difficult. Here we go.

  • To draw a perfect line as to where to stop the eye shadow, place a brush from edge of your nose to the tear duct. Draw an invisible line with a pencil. This is important because it helps you keep both the eye identical.
  • Apply primer.
  • Apply concealer if you eye lids are darker than your face and spread it across your eyes.
  • Take a crease brush and tap it into brown shade. Blend it on your creases.
  • Take a black eye shadow and apply it just above your last line in the shape of lid. Do not go too high.
  • Using a blending brush, blend the color till the starting point of crease. Take your time while doing this.
  • Take a darker shade of brown and using another creasing brush, blend this shade just above the black shade. Take care of the shape while applying.
  • Apply a thin layer of eyeliner on your upper lash line and sharpen the borders of the shadow.
  • Repeat the same with lower lash tine and carefully smudge the look.
  • This look can be converted into a super cool one if you take special care of the eye lashes.
  • Use false eye lashes before you put on the mascara. Brush through the lashes once or twice after it gets dried up.
  • This is to ensure there is no residue of mascara hanging on the lids and gives you thick and sharp lashes.
  • If you prefer curling of lashes, do them before applying mascara. It is always better to use eye lash curler instead of using other techniques of curling, especially when you do such dark shades of eye shadow.
  • To add more drama to the look, add glitter.
  • Take black eye shadow glitter and using your fingers gently apply them over the eye shadow. This is a perfect look during nights.
  • And you are done. This is how your final look is.

For a detailed description, please click on the link below and check out the video made by a makeup expert. Hope you like it.

And ladies, that is it from us for the day. We hope you like both the makeup tutorials. Please drop in your valuable comments if you have a better way of doing it. We shall be extremely happy to share it with our wonderful readers.

Let me end this tutorial by reminding you the importance of makeup removal. What every be the kind of makeup you put on, be it simple or loud, please get rid of all the cosmetics before you go to bed. This helps you in retaining the natural moisture of the skin along with your skin getting enough time to breathe. Despite your tiring schedule, make this a point and add it to your priority list.

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