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Are you worried about how to lose weight? Are you looking for diet plans which will help you in weight loss? Then you should read this article for weight loss tips through GM Diet Plan. GM Diet is a popular diet plan which is used for fast pace weight loss. It is a seven days weight loss plan which gives a weight loss of about 10 lbs in a week. GM Diet is only a weight loss kick starter. It must not be taken as lifestyle diet plan. After losing weight through GM Diet Plan you should change you eating habits so that you don’t regain the lost weight. This seven day weight loss diet consists mainly of fruits, vegetables, milk and soup. A very limited amount of meat is also allowed. The diet is rich in fibre and low in proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This diet plan is also known as “Cabbage Soup Diet” and “The Sacred Heart Diet”. Read on to know more GM Diet Plan Weight Loss Program.

In this 7 Day GM Diet Plan the food you eat requires more calories to digest than the number of calories these food items provide to the body. Remember that if you eat more calories than what the body requires, the extra calories are stored in the body as fat.

Apart from reducing weight GM Diet Plan also puts your body through a detoxification process. The detoxification cleanses your body and improves overall health. You can modify the GM Diet Plan as per your eating habits, if you are a vegetarian. You are also required to drink lots of water during this diet plan. This diet plan also helps in getting rid of constipation because you will consume lore fibre and drink more water. Dried fruits and nuts are not allowed in this diet plan.

GM Diet Plan and Weight Loss

Prepare Yourself for GM Diet

  • On the first day you are allowed to eat only fruits and water. You are not allowed to eat fruits like banana which have starch and starchy carbohydrates.
  • The detoxification process starts from the very first day.
  • You can consume extra potatoes, oats and bananas a day before you start the GM Diet.
  • Practice drinking lots of water because during the diet period you will be required to drink at least eight glasses of water each day.
  • Your physical activities have to be reduced during the GM Diet period. You can do warm up exercises. In fact light and warm up exercises are recommended during the diet period because they help in detoxification and weight reduction. But do not get fatigued.

Chopped Vegetables in GM Diet Plans

GM Diet Plan Day 1

The first day has fruit only diet plan. Follow the diet given below on the first day. You should also drink about 10 glasses of water during the first day of the diet plan.

Breakfast (8:30 AM to 9:00 AM) – Eat lots of melons and papaya. You can eat these fruits as much as you want. Drink one or two glasses of water during the breakfast. It will be good if you eat only melons during the breakfast.

Lunch (12:00 PM to 1:30 PM) – Take lunch between 12:00 to 1:30 in the afternoon. You should eat apples and watermelons. If you want you can also eat kiwis and mangoes. Eat a bowl of apples and one bowls of melons. This should be sufficient to satisfy your hunger. Drink plenty of water.

Dinner (8:00 PM to 9:00 PM) – Dinner menu is the same as the lunch menu. Eat melons, oranges and kiwis. Drink one or two glasses of water.

Midday Snacks (10:30 AM to 11 AM and 5:00 to 5:30 PM)– You can take orange juice, coconut water during mid morning and afternoon. You can also take diced apple, berries and oranges. It will satisfy your craving for sweets and will keep the stomach full.

GM Diet Plan Day 2

Second day of the diet plan has only vegetables in the diet. You can consume all types of vegetables like cabbage, peppers, onions, green leafy vegetables etc. But peas, corn and carrots should not be eaten. This diet boosts body metabolism, regulates sugar content and also boosts fibre intake. This food is easily digested by gastrointestinal tract of the body. The first day diet was of only fruits and water. So you may be feeling a bit light headed. On day 2 you can eat vegetables which are high in starch like potatoes. This diet on day 2 will give you more energy to do more strenuous work and exercises.

Breakfast (8:30 AM to 9:00 AM) – Take one cup of boiled potato with butter, ghee or olive oil. Eat large baked potato with a pat of butter, ghee or olive oil. Instead of regular potato you can also eat sweet potato or cassava.

Mid Morning Snacks (10:30 AM to 11 AM) – One bowl of raw diced red lettuce or cabbage. Drink one or two glasses of water.

Lunch (12:00 PM to 1:30 PM) – Lunch will consist of vegetable salad of lettuce, cucumber and cabbage. You can dress the salad with olive oil but mayonnaise is not permitted. You can make the salad with one cucumber, one tomato and half of boiled beet. Drink two glasses of water.

Afternoon Snacks (4:00 to 5:00 PM) – Two diced tomatoes or one cup of cherry tomatoes. Drink one or two glasses of water.

Dinner (7:00 PM to 9:00 PM) – Dinner is made of boiled cauliflower, broccoli and asparagus. You can use salt and spices. Drink two glasses of water.

GM Diet Plan Day 3

If you have shown will power and mental strength during previous two days, you deserve congratulations. You would have lost 2 to 4 Lbs of body fat. From 3rd day onwards it will be easier for you to go through the diet plan for weight loss. Now you can eat a combination of fruit and vegetable diet. But remember that banana is still not permitted!! Peas, corn and carrots are also not permitted. Important point is that during first three days you are allowed to eat only fresh produce. Organic is even better, though more expensive. But from day 3 onwards it is easier to keep up with the weight loss diet plan. There is variety in the servings hence craving for food will be at lower level.

Breakfast (8:30 AM to 9:00 AM) – Breakfast should consist of an apple. If you want to eat more consume half a bowl of melons also. For improved digestion drink two glasses of water.

Mid Morning Snacks (10:30 AM to 11 AM) – Eat one bowl of papaya and cantaloupe. Drink one or two glasses of water. You can also drink fruit juices like orange juice, lemon juice or berry juice.

Lunch (12:00 PM to 1:30 PM) – The lunch menu will be similar to day2 lunch. Take one bowl of cucumber, lettuce and tomato salad, without mayonnaise. If you want you can add half of boiled beet. Remember to drink one or two glasses of water.

Afternoon Snacks (4:00 to 5:00 PM) – Eat one orange or one ripe mango. Drink one glass of water. If you want you can drink juices in place of water.

Dinner (7:00 PM to 9:00 PM) – Dinner will consist of serving of boiled vegetables. Eat a bowl of boiled broccoli, raw papaya and fresh greens. Follow it up with fresh fruit desert of apple and watermelon, without cream. Remember to drink one or two glasses of water. It helps in digestion and also works as a great detoxifier!!

Drink 8 Glasses of Water Each Day

Drink 8 Glasses of Water Each Day

GM Diet Plan Day 4

Day 4 of GM Diet Plan comes with pleasant surprise for you. So far the diet had only fruits and vegetables. But now you are allowed soup, milk and banana also!! So cheer up. By now your body has adjusted to the new diet plan and has got used to diet of fruits and vegetables. You would have started feeling lighter and livelier as your body has already gone through detoxification process. Your body has been getting sweet taste from fruits and lots of fibres from vegetables. From day 4 onwards your diet will contain more of liquids like milk and soup. For snacks you can take banana shake and nothing else.

Breakfast (8:30 AM to 9:00 AM) – In breakfast you can eat one banana and a glass of warm milk. If you want you can drink almond milk or coconut milk. No cereal should be added to the milk. Drink skimmed milk and not full cream milk. Full milk is not useful for weight loss regimen. You can eat four bananas during the day.

Lunch (12:00 PM to 1:30 PM) – Lunch consists of a bowl of vegetable soup like tomato soup or cabbage stew. The soup can also be made of various vegetables and can be flavoured with spices and herbs of your choice.

Dinner (7:00 PM to 9:00 PM) – Dinner will consist of serving of vegetable soup. You can take banana and milk shake as desert. If taking banana shake is heavy for you, take only vegetable soup.

How to Make Cabbage Soup


  • Shredded Cabbage – One Cup
  • Sliced Celery – One Cup
  • One minced onion
  • Two green sliced peppers

How to Make Vegetable Soup

Put all the above ingredients in a bowl with sufficient water. Boil and add salt, herbs and pepper. Do not add any fat. If you want you can add any other vegetable. Serve hot.

How to Make Banana Shake

Slice two ripe bananas and add it to two glasses of skimmed milk. You can use almond milk or light coconut milk also in place of skimmed milk. Mix all the ingredients in a blender till a smooth frothy milk shake is made. It is sufficient for two servings.

GM Diet Plan Day 5

On the 5th day of GM Weight Loss Diet Plan you are allowed to eat only beef or lean meat, soup and tomatoes. Five or six large tomatoes are sufficient for the day. This diet will take care of the protein requirement of the body. Remember that meat should not be eaten in large quantity to fulfil the craving of your appetite. Eat only sufficient portion. After four days of GM Diet you may feel loss of appetite. So take small servings of meat during each meal with larger helping of tomatoes. The tomatoes will be good for your taste buds. No juice is allowed on day 5. Remember that you have already consumed lots of juices and shakes during last four days. So on day 5 you are allowed to drink only water. Drink up to 14 glasses of water on the 5th day of the diet plan to detoxify the body. No mid day snack should be taken on day 5.

Breakfast (8:30 AM to 9:00 AM) – You can take small portion of braised beef or braised chicken and vegetable soup. This breakfast will provide protein, iron and fibre along with required energy to keep you going during the day. You can add some sliced tomatoes to the beef or chicken.

Lunch (12:00 PM to 1:30 PM) – In lunch you can take a hamburger patty or grilled beef slices or grilled chicken pieces. Eat it with tomatoes and cucumber slices. You can rub the meat slices with salt and pepper. Add lemon if you like. But remember that bread is not allowed!! Ideally it should be baked. But if it is fried, use minimum of fat. Hamburger will produce extra uric acid in the body. So drink extra glasses of water to flush out uric acid.

Dinner (7:00 PM to 9:00 PM) – Ideally you should take beef soup or chicken soup along with tomatoes. But if you want you can take hamburger patty and vegetable soup again as in lunch. In addition you can take tomato and cucumber slices.

GM Diet Plan Day 6

Congratulations!! You have reached day 6 of the GM Diet Plan. By this time you would have lost around 10 Lbs of body weight. Due to fruit and vegetable diet your skin would have got a glow. The 7th day food will have meat, beef and a wide variety of vegetables. On 7th day you can eat as much meat and vegetables as you want!! After 6 days of dieting your body is now in fructose craving mode. That is why fresh green vegetables can be eaten as much as you want. Metabolic rate also increases by the 6th day. So more of meat can be eaten on this day so that you get more protein from your diet. You should also increase physical activities.

Breakfast (8:30 AM to 9:00 AM) – Start the day with a bowl of mixed vegetables. The vegetables can be sautéed or stewed as per your taste. You can also have a bowl of vegetable soup and beef or chicken cutlets. This should keep you satiated till lunch.

Lunch (12:00 PM to 1:30 PM) – Lunch menu will be similar to the breakfast. You can also choose a bowl of broccoli and cutlets of beef or chicken. Diet should include tomatoes, broccoli, bell paper, onion, 6 beef or chicken cubes. If you want you can barbecue or skew the vegetables. Do not eat bread and potato.

Mid Day Snack – Eat a bowl of greens as snacks. If possible do not eat any meat during snacks. You body should not crave for any other type of food. Drink plenty of water as beverage to keep you rejuvenated. If you want you can drink small amount of coconut water.

Dinner (7:00 PM to 9:00 PM) – For dinner eat a bowl of vegetable soup and a hamburger. But remember that the hamburger should have only meat and no bread!! You can also make beef/chicken and vegetable kabab to satisfy your senses.

GM Diet Plan Day 7

This is the last day of your GM Diet. Your weight loss by GM Diet Plan is coming to an end. On this last day of the weight loss programme the food served will be different. Beef or any other kind of meat is not allowed to be eaten on the 7th day. But you can eat starch in the form of white or brown rice. White rice like basmati is preferred over brown rice. In addition you can eat fruits and vegetables. Vegetables can be stewed or boiled and can be paired with rice. Drink 10 to 12 glasses of water during the day. You can eat fruits like mango, apple, pear, strawberries and cherries.

After six days of the weight loss regime significant changes would have occurred in your body. Your body would have got cleansed and you would have become slimmer. You will have developed a more positive outlook. You would also have developed more regular sleeping habits.

Breakfast (8:30 AM to 9:00 AM) – During breakfast eat a bowl of white or brown rice. It will give you the required carbohydrate and energy for the day. You can also eat a slice of papaya and melon.

Lunch (12:00 PM to 1:30 PM) – Cook a bowl of vegetables like tomatoes, onions, broccoli, asparagus and cabbage. You can also stew the vegetables. Eat the vegetables with a bowl of rice. You can also eat a slice of mango and watermelon.

Mid Day Snack – Snack should consist mainly of fruits like berries. Take the berries without cream. You can also take fruit juices. You can also eat sprouts as mid morning and evening snack.

Dinner (7:00 PM to 9:00 PM) – Take a bowl of stewed or cooked greens. If you still want to eat more take some white rice along with vegetables. But do not eat so much that you feel bloated.

What after the Diet Plan

This brings you to the end of the weight loss GM Diet Plan. But remember that most diet plans will fail if you return back to the old unhealthy way of lifestyle and food habits. If your eating habits do not change for better, you will regain the lost weight. So if you want to keep your weight low, you will have to show determination to make a permanent change in your eating habits and lifestyle. So after the end of the diet plan eat three healthy meals a day. You meal should have protein, good carbohydrates and lots of fruits and vegetables. Good carbs are found in white potato, sweet potato, white rice, taro roots and yams. Your food should have small amount of fats also. Do not go fat free! Coconut oil, ghee and olive oil are good sources of fat. So eat a balanced and healthy diet and keep your weight in control.

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