Diet Plans

Diet Plans

Diet Plans

Are you planning to reduce your weight and want to know what type of diet plan you should have? Let me help you in this in a scientific manner. First of all you should know about Ideal Body Weight and Body Mass Index. After having learnt about BMI you should read How Many Calories Should You Eat Per Day. Now you are ready to start your diet plans in a scientific way. Depending upon how much of extra weight you want to shed off, you can select one of the diet plans given below. Remember that these diet plans are not for children. Children need nutrition for growth and development. Hence if at all you are looking for a diet plan for children you must consult a doctor. Pregnant and lactating mothers should also consult a doctor before taking up diet plans for weight loss.

Basic Food Groups by USDA

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and United States Department of Health have issued a Dietary Guidelines for Americans. USDA has given a food pyramid which can be customised for each individual. This food pyramid has basic food groups as given below: –


The USDA guidelines recommend that we should eat at least three ounces of cereals, pasta, crackers, whole grain bread etc per day. At least half of your daily grains consumption should consist of whole grains.


The USDA pyramid recommends that your food must contain dark green and orange color vegetables. Dry beans and peas should also be part of your daily meal. Your daily meals should have one and half cups of vegetables.


USDA recommends that you eat lots of fruits of all varieties. However it also recommends that you should consume very moderate amount of fruit juices. Two cups of fruits should be eaten each day.

Dairy Product

Milk, yogurt and cheeses come under this food group. USDA recommends consumption of low fat or fat free milk. These are calcium rich food. Those who don’t want to drink milk should consume cheese and yogurt. These are lactose free.

Meat, Fish and Beans

Meat, fish, beans, peas, nuts and seeds are good sources of proteins. Lean meats and poultry is preferred. It should be cooked by grilling, baking and broiling so that less fat is used in cooking the meats.

Oils and Fats

These are the last in the basic food pyramid of USDA. Your meals should source fats mostly from nuts, vegetable oils and meat. Reduce to the minimum the use of butter, lard, shortening and lard.

Weight Loss Diet

Studies have shown that people gain weight because they eat wrong kind of food and also because they eat too much. Dietary habits are habitual decisions which depend on the person, culture and region. Personal tastes also play a big role in the type of food you eat. To remain healthy the body needs vitamins, nutrients, protein, fat and carbs in certain proportion. A balanced nutrition plan is required to prevent weight gain and yet to provide your body with the required nourishment to remain healthy. Body does not require sugar and needs very low quantity of carbohydrates. A balanced diet also lowers the possibility of many types of health problems like heart deceases and diabetes. Point to remember is that crash dieting should be avoided. Weight loss should be gradual and with a scientifically planned diet. Read the article How to Lose Weight

Low Carb Diet Plan of 1500 Calories

To lose weight you need to have determination. You also need to plan your diet and stick to it. But you can have a good low carbohydrate diet plan without starving yourself. Following is a sample. Three different menus have been given. You can keep repeating the cycle after every three days. This low carb diet menu has to be followed for four weeks.

Day One of Diet Plan for Weight Loss – 1500 Calories

This is a sample of continental menu of 1500 calories.

Breakfast ·         One Egg, any preparation

·         Half Cup Cottage Cheese

·         One Tablespoon Shredded Cheese

·         One cup berries


This breakfast has 250 Calories
Snack ·         Half Cup of Cottage Cheese

·         or Light String Cheese

This snack has 80 Calories
Lunch ·         Low Carb Brown Bread (Half)

·         Four Ounces of Tuna Fish or Grilled Chicken

·         One Tablespoon Mayonnaise

·         Hal Cup of Carrots or Sprouts

·         Two Tablespoons of Chickpeas blended with Olive Oil

·         Some Light String Cheese

This has 400 Calories
Snack One Cup of Edamame Beans or Sprout of any Type. This can be lightly cooked. This has 150 Calories
Dinner ·         One Cup of Broccoli, lightly cooked

·         5 Ounces of Grilled Chicken

·         10 Ounces of Tofu Noodles

·         Two Cups of Green Salad

·         Two Tablespoon of Balsamic Vinegar can be added.

This has 470 Calories
Dessert Half Cup Cheese with Chocolate Sauce This has 150 Calories

Day Two of Diet Plan for Weight Loss – 1500 Calories


(Egg Florentine with Bacon or similar)

·         Half Cup Egg Beaters

·         Three slices of turkey bacon

·         Half Cup Diced Tomato

·         Half Cup Spinach

·         One fourth cup shredded cheese


This breakfast has 280 Calories
Snack ·         One Apple

·         One Tablespoon of Peanut Butter

This snack has 160 Calories
Lunch ·         Low Carb Brown Bread (Half)

·         Three slices of turkey breast meat

·         One thin slice of low fat cheese

·         Half Cup of Carrots

·         One cup of salad of tomato, onion and lettuce

·         One fourth cup of Chickpeas blended with Olive Oil

·         Mustard

This has 400 Calories
Snack One Cup of fat free yogurt with two tablespoon of crushed almonds This has 190 Calories
Dinner ·         5 ounces of Tilapia or Cod

·         One cup of sautéed vegetables

·         Olive oil not more than one tablespoon

·         Two tablespoons of feta or cheddar cheese

This has 470 Calories
Dessert Take sugar free jello This has 10 calories only

Day Three of Diet Plan for Weight Loss – 1500 Calories

Breakfast ·         One Egg, any type of preparation

·         Half Cup of 1%Cottage Cheese

·         One Tablespoon of Shredded Cheese

·         One cup berries


This breakfast has 250 Calories
Snack ·         Half Cup of Cottage Cheese

·         or Light String Cheese

This snack has 80 Calories
Lunch ·         Soup of any kind. Add one cup of microwaved spinach into the soup

·         Two tablespoons of shredded cheese

·         One cup of mixed green vegetables

·         Light balsamic dressing of two tablespoons

This has 425 Calories
Snack One Cup of raw vegetables. This can be lightly cooked. Take one fourth cup of hummus also. This has 135 Calories
Dinner ·         4 Ounces of Turkey or Grilled Chicken

·         Taco seasoning

·         Low carb wraps

·         One fourth cup of shredded cheese

·         One cup of lightly cooked vegetables

·         Salsa

This has 600 Calories
Dessert Sugar free jello This has only 10 Calories

Continue with these scientific and low carb diet plans for four weeks and see the difference yourself!!

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