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Cat Eye Makeup

How to Do Cat Eye Makeup

Are you in search of a sexy, come-hither eye makeup recipe? Cat eye makeup is the one for you. Cat eye is the visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover the beauty hidden you. It is one of the creative ways to bring about some variations to your everyday makeup routine.

Mastering the tricky makeup for cat eye might take some time for beginners. But once you get a hold of it, you will fall in love with what you have learnt and none of your efforts go in vain. There are a lot of variations of cat eye makeup ranging from softer definitions to fierce ones. Here in this tutorial, I’m sure you will learn them all. After all, eyes are the epitome of your inner beauty and there is no way you can compromise on its beauty.

Let get started.

Smokey Cat Eye Makeup

Smokey Cat Eye Makeup

Smokey Cat Eye Makeup

Smokey eyes are the new trend. They give you a kind of suspense look. Not only do smokey eyes bring about a drastic change to your look, they are easy to achieve. When smokey eye makeup is coupled with cay eye, you will have a very dramatic look. This is however a makeup style for girls who are not afraid to wear lot of makeup.

Check out this video for a detailed explanation of makeup for Smokey Cat Eye

Perfect Winged Cat Eyeliner

perfect winged cat eye liner makeup

There are a lot of women who still go wrong while applying eyeliner despite having years of experience. Hopefully this would get you a way out. If you are beginner start with pencil eyeliner as that is the easiest way. Like the name suggests, this variation of cat eye makeup differs from the rest in the way you draw out the wings along the upper lash line.

For a detailed version of how a perfect winged cat eyeliner makeup is achieved, check out the link below.

I’m sure after watching this video you would love to transform yourself into a cat lady. This video shows you different ways of achieving winged cat eyeliner makeup. From long strokes to thick coverage, this video has it all. Check out and pick your favorite one.

If you are running out of time, check out this image below and try recreating it all by yourself.

Cut Crease Cat Eyeliner Makeup

Cut Crease Cat Eyeliner Makeup

Cut crease cat eyeliner makeup is a very different version of cat eye makeup. Use of neutral eye shades always need not be boring. Most of the women recreating this look go for neutral shades over darker or lighter shades. While achieving this look is not that hard, once you get a hold of it, it makes your eyes look bigger, sexier and brighter.

Check this video for a better understanding of hoe cut crease cat eyeliner makeup is achieved.

This video covers everything from the basics. You will surely not take much time to learn this eye makeup.

Flick Cat Eye Makeup

Flick Cat Eye Makeup

Flick cat eye makeup is a flirty makeup style. However you can wear it to your office too. This is a super cool way to recreate cat eye. It adds a twist of flick to the outer corners of the eye. Unlike the winged cat eye, the wings are drawn past the outer edge of the eye along with brushing the eyeliner to form a full outer edge of the eyes corner of the crease. I know this might be sounding weird to you. But give it a try before you turn judgmental.

Check out this video and learn the tactics of flick cat eyeliner. In no time, you will fall in love with your look.

This video is done by very popular makeup expert and hope you like it.

Cat Eyes for Hooded Lids

Cat Eyes Makeup for Hooded Lids

With some women with hooded eyes, you can’t even find a trace of eyelids as they melt completely into the brow bone. In such a case, makeup is the only way to brighten up the eyes. Applying eye makeup to hooded eyes can be challenging. With cat eyes makeup, a great difference can be achieved. Either way, achieving expertise in applying makeup to hooded eyes is hard to master.

Click on the link and check out the video mentioned below to learn the tricks and tips of applying makeup to hooded eyes.

Double Winged Cat Eye Makeup

Double Winged Cat Eye Makeup

Double winged cat eye is almost similar to the winged cat eye expect that the outer corner of the eye have two strokes of wings instead of one of which one is lighter and the other is usually darker. The drama of the makeup is doubled up by giving it an extra wing. This gives you a dramatic yet elegant look. You probably might need some time to master this makeup but once you get a hold of it, you would want to do it almost every day. When you pair up this look with a short black dress, you would look no less than a Greek goddess.

Check out the link below to learn the recreation steps.

And ladies, that is it from us for the day!!

Hope you had a good time checking out this tutorial. This was the makeup tutorial from experts in the makeup industry. Do let us know if you liked this tutorial by dropping your valuable comments.

If you have any other tips and tricks related to cat eye makeup, please do let us know. We shall be extremely happy to share them with our other readers.

Have a good day. Stay smiling and stay stylish!!

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