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What do you think? Do blondes have more fun? In a minute, we shall let you take that call yourself. Before we get into Ash Blonde Hair styles, let’s talk a little bit about Ash Blonde Hair Colour.

Ash blond hair colour rose to glory from what it used to be known as a dull hair colour. It is all the rage now and all thanks to the pretty hairstyles one can draw from this utterly beautiful hair colour. It is never out of style and this is certainly true. The extraordinary matte and light shade of blonde perfectly steals the show. It is self assured, cool and unconventionally conservative.

If you hair has red or black pigments, make this fact noted that it is hard to suppress these pigments in the process of bleaching. If you are first timer, let your hairstylist do it for you. The final look however is sure to boost up the jealousy levels of other beautiful people around. Now let’s get into business. What kind of hair styles suit women with Ash Blonde Hair Colour irrespective of the length and texture of the hair?

Simple Ash Blonde Hairstyles

Simplicity is always the best policy. Here is the picture of Drew Barrymore sporting a chic ash blonde hair colour with the hairstyle that is the simplest of all. Yet she looks absolutely stunning. The ash blonde hair colour can look at its best when hair is let loose and this hair style works wonders on women with straight hair and medium length.

Ash Blonde Hairstyles with Highlights

Light Brown hair colour with ash blonde highlights – What do you think of this combination? I think it is amazing. If you have natural waves at the end your locks, you are sure to rock this hair style. A simple layered hair cut with ash blonde highlights all over and loose waves can give you a perfect look like that of Halston Sage.

Ash Blonde for Highlights

Purple Ash Blonde Hairstyles

Go for a subtle purple if you want to choose an ash blonde shade that stands out instead of silver or a blue hue. Women with light eyes and sun kissed skin tone are sure to look great in this hair colour. A layered hair cut or a pixie hair cut with right highlights often draw a perfect look. Before you go for this colour, let your hairstylist know and understand you requirements properly. To avoid confusion show him a picture for exact duplication.    

Purple Ash Blonde Hairstyles

Silver Ash Blonde Hairstyles

Before going for this hair colour, determine it yourself if you have the right attitude to pull this colour off. This hair colour is surely a trend setter but will you be able to carry it is the question. Silver is the most commonly chosen colour to use in combination with ash blonde. For women who want to prevent brass and gold hues, this beautiful blonde is the one for you. A messy top hair cut with waves at the bottom highlights this hair colour well.

Silver Ash Blonde Hairstyles

Ash Blonde Ombre Hairstyles

Ash Blonde ombre is the best reliable option for women with darker roots. Also if you dint want your hair turn brassy, get this done right away. This can be an unfailing option if you own blonde hair and want to retain it. In such a case, go from darker golden blonde to ash blonde. The variations are clearly shown in the picture. A simple straight cut with partition at the centre or slightly side wards is enough to rock this hair style.

Ash Blonde Ombre Hairstyles

Take Home Message:

The ways of taking care of blonde hair is way different from that of other hair colours. Yes, you read it right. Here is what I mean.

  1. Do not use hair oils (or products) that are coloured.

Using hair oils that have colour might add a tinted colour to your hair which you necessarily might not like. So use products that are plain and white.

  1. Sunscreen for hair.

What do you think? Only your skin needs sun screen? You hair too gets damaged because of sun just like the rest of your body leaving it dry and damaged. This probability of damage being visible is more in case of blonde hair. Therefore use sun protectant sprays and stay protected.

  1. Touch up your roots after every four to six weeks.

Blonde hair if achieved through dye tends to bleach faster compared to other hair colours and the worst part is, the difference is visible instantly. Therefore get an appointment with your hairstylist after every four to 6 weeks as it might turn out to be a bigger headache for you if neglected on time.

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