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What do you think sleeping with your makeup on does to your skin? Do you have any clue how badly it damages the elegance of your skin? If you keep repeating this, you will surely regret your behavior very soon. So this article is all about makeup remover so that you can remove your makeup in a proper way and keep your skin healthy and glowing!!

There was a research that was conducted where a woman kept her makeup on for a month without removing it while sleeping. After a month, it was seen that her skin aged a decade. One day of sleeping without removing makeup ages skin by two days which usually goes unnoticed. But in the long run, it would surely have an effect.

The daily chores and busy schedule makes the makeup removal fall off the to-do list. But from now on, after reading this, hope you find some time and set this in your priority list. How does it make sense in investing a lot of your hard earned money on cosmetics that gift you flawless skin and then re-investing on skin repairing products?

Let’s be honest. We all were in a situation where bed calls you cozily after a late night party. But you are doing too much harm to your skin this way. To help you get some relief, we have tried our best to provide you with the best possible makeup removal products that are sure to relieve you from a lot of pain.

Before you use some random makeup removal products, here are the things you should remember that are classified based on your age. So from now on, what every product you use, ensure the product fulfills all your requirements.

Requirement of Makeup Removal Products Classified Based on Age:

Age: Twenties

Quality of Skin: At this age skin is radiant and has fewer and less serious skin problems.

Product to Use:

Use wipes. Wipes are soft and help you get rid of the cosmetics just very quickly. Weather you have too much of makeup or simple plain makeup on your skin, wipes are wonderful. The damage caused to the skin at this age is more because of smoking and over exposure to sunlight and actually has nothing to do with the makeup removal product. Stay safe.

Age: Thirties

Quality of Skin: In thirties, the turnover of the skin slows down. This is the age where you find the onset of wrinkles and fine lines.

Product to Use:

This is the age when you find makeup taking a toll on your skin. Stress, busy lifestyle, food intake, etc combat with your skin. To ensure safety, use cleansing creams and cream makeup removals. It, along with saving your precious time, nurtures your skin big time.

Age: After Thirties

After you cross your thirties and reach forties, use products that are firming, moisturizing and are filled with collagen. The products that include natural botanical extracts including pineapple, papaya, etc leaves your skin revitalized and give you a fresh feel.

Now let us have a look at the various makeup removal trends and products that might help you lessen your burden of makeup removal routine.

How to find the right makeup remover

The key to finding the right makeup remover is to focus on your requirements first. You need to analyze what is important for you. While analyzing what is important for you, what you need to keep in mind are the ingredients of the product and the formula of the product that well suits your skin type. There is nothing call right and wrong decision. What really matters is your preference.

However there are three important factors that I consider while choosing a product to be included in my makeup removal routine. Here they are.

  • Does it take off my makeup with minimum effort if not in one single swoop?
  • Is the product safe enough to be used without clogging my pores?
  • Does my skin absorb the good of the product that it does not leave any oily residue on my pillow?

Various Kinds of Makeup Removal Products

There are a lot of products using which you can efficiently get rid of makeup and rejuvenate your skin. Here are few of them.

Wipes for Makeup Removal

wipes for makeup removal


This is a quick way of removing makeup especially after a long and tiring day. Wipes are nothing but the disposable cloths that are pre-soaked in the wipe off cleansers. While travelling, this is the best option as you do not have to rinse your face afterwards. However wipes are manufactured by including a lot of chemicals. So use them only when other makeup removing products are out of your reach.

Type of Skin:

While choosing wipes go for the products that are gentle for sensitive skin and are super soft and not abrasive.

Type of Makeup:

Using wipes you can clear off the makeup on lips, eyes and face.

Best Products: Sephora Face 25 Makeup Removing Wipes and Yes To – Cucumbers Facial Towelettes Natural Glow.

Usage of Wipes:

Using wipes is pretty simple. Like any other cloth, gently rub the wipes all across your face and swipe off the makeup products. Be gently to your skin. Do not be too harsh to your skin. Use both sides of the wipes before you grab another piece.

Check out the link below to have a clear picture of how effective wipes are to remove makeup along with understanding how to use them properly.

Oils for Makeup Removal

oils for makeup removal


Makeup removing oils are perfect for thirsty and dehydrated skin. Makeup is negatively known for its property of making the skin dry. Therefore it is very important to give back your skin what it needs at the end of the day and oil is ideal to do so. Cleansing oils balance the natural sebum production of the skin and bathes your skin with all the required essentials.

Type of Skin:

You can use oils to remove makeup even if our skin is oily to the core. This is because, these products do not rip your skin off natural oils, instead regulates the production of oil on your face.

Type of Makeup:

Cleansing oil is supreme for removing water resistant and long lasting makeup. Oil virtually breaks down any complex ingredients almost instantly and a gentle massage gives back the skin everything it was thriving for all through the tiring day.

Best Products: L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfection Miracle Cleansing Oil (Makeup Remover) and Maybelline Expert Eyes 100% Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover. You can use fresh coconut and olive oil too.

Usage of Oils:

  1. Grab some oil and pat it on your fingers till it is completely melted.
  2. Starting with your eyes, gently massage them for a couple of minutes.
  3. Now move your hands all across your face and massage your face very gently. If your eye makeup is too loud, clean your eye makeup first before you move to other parts of the face.
  4. To wipe off the residue, you can either use fresh cotton or wipes. You can use a soft cotton cloth too which you can re-use after washing it thoroughly.
  5. You can wash your face after clearing off the stuff, though it is not mandatory if you get rid of all the oil with just wipes. If you do wash, apply some moisturizer before you are off to bed.

For detailed use of oils to remove makeup, click on the link below.

Cleansing Milk as Makeup Remover

cleansing milk as makeup remover


Removing makeup with cleansing milk is a conventional method that is gaining tremendous popularity. The product has very thin creamy consistency. It has to be gently massaged on the skin and then rinsed with water. Cleansing milk can be used to massage your skin even if you have no makeup on. It moisturizes the skin without ripping the skin off its natural oils.

Type of Skin:

When cleansing milk is gently massaged, they bring out the dirt, makeup and sunscreen. This is the ideal option for dry to sensitive skin because of its gentle and moisturizing formula.

Type of Makeup:

To remove stubborn eye makeup and lipstick, you find no better option.

Best Products: VLCC Sandal Cleansing Milk and Himalayas Herbals Refreshing Cleansing Milk.

Usage of Cleansing Milk:

  1. There are two ways you can use cleansing milk in order to remove makeup. One is by using your bare fingers and the other is by dabbing cleansing milk to cotton and rubbing it all across the face.
  2. Using clean fingers is a better option. Grab some cleansing milk on your fingers; massage your face gently for a couple of minutes.
  3. Now using a wipe, clear of the residue or rinse the face tenderly with warm water.
  4. And you are all set to go to bed.


Cleansing Water as Makeup Remover

cleansing water as makeup remover


We all are aware of the fact that water is the best medicine for all kinds of skin ailments. Drinking lots of water does wonders to the skin. And yes it can cleanse off the makeup too. Cleansing water is a new wonder product that is being used to remove makeup. They are extremely gentle and effective in removing makeup. They do not leave sticky and greasy film on your skin. You can even get away without rinsing your face. Cleansing water does not literally have the texture of water. It is slightly sticky in nature.

Type of Skin:

Because of the product being gently and hydrating, it suits all types of skin and especially sensitive and dry skin.

Type of Makeup:

Cleansing water is used to remove all kinds of low profile makeup. It might probably not work if your makeup is loud and thick.

Best Products: M.N Makeup Remover Cleansing Water and Menow Pro Makeup Remover Cleansing Water.

Usage of Cleansing Water:

  1. Pour some cleansing water on a cotton pad.
  2. Just like the usage of wipes, wipe the cotton pad all across your face gently.
  3. You might have to change the cotton pad twice or thrice based on how loud your makeup is.
  4. At the end, you can rinse your face with warm water or just let it be.

Check out this video for a detailed version of usage of cleansing water to remove makeup.

Cream Cleanser for Makeup Removal

cream cleanser as makeup remover


Cream cleanser is a powerhouse of all the makeup removing products. Though this product is not so popular, it has the ability to drift of any complex makeup and leaves your skin completely nourished. This product with thick creamy consistency dissolves the toughest makeup kinds. Along with removing makeup, the ingredients of the cream, moisturizes and hydrates the skin, so you won’t be left with tight and dry skin.

Type of Skin:

This product is ideal for all types of skin. But women with dry skin have added advantage. You do not have to apply additional night moisturizer after using this product.

Type of Makeup:

For heavy makeup removal and for the women with dry skin, this is the perfect solution. If you have had a day with glittery and dark eye makeup, close your eyes and gently massage them with a pinch of this cream. You don’t have to spend lot of your time on the makeup removal routine.

Best Products: Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser and Origins Pure Cream Rinseable Cleanser

Usage of Cream Cleanser:

  1. Grab some cream on with your fingers and give your face a gently massage.
  2. Rub all across your makeup till the cream breaks down the cosmetics in to a cleanable residue.
  3. Now grab some cotton and wipe off all the cosmetics.
  4. Clean your face thoroughly with cotton or wipes.
  5. You can leave your face as such as cream cleanser is a kind of moisturizer too. It will not affect your skin’s health.

Makeup removal routine is the quality time you spend with your skin to nourish and drift your mood into the sleeping mode in a much relaxed way. So make the most out of it.

Wash your hands before your makeup removal routine. Dirty hands add bacteria to your skin and you will end up facing more problems than with your makeup on.

And ladies, that is it from us for the day. Please drop in your valuable comments and do let us know if you find your product better than the ones mentioned here. We would love to hear from you.

Hope you have a great day!! Keep smiling.

Like I always say, stay healthy and stay stylish!!

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