Three Layers Cornrow Braid Hairstyles

8 Popular Cornrow Hairstyles

Cornrow Hairstyles for Women

Cornrow hairstyle is one of the most popular African hairstyles that gained huge momentum in the fashion industry today. Holding the same technique as the root, there are incredible variations of this hairstyle. It adopts the technique of French braid. But if you check the final results, it is too different from what a French braid looks like.

The hair all over is braided close to the scalp. While the traditional style involves braiding straightly, the hairstylists’ today drew a lot of variations to the hairstyle from complex curves to geometric patterns. Let’s check out few popular variations of cornrow hairstyles that are trending in the fashion industry today. Here are 8 popular cornrow hairstyles for you. But before that, let’s learn the basics.

Cornrow Hairstyles Designs – Basic Steps

Every cornrow hairstyle irrespective of the difference holds the same technique of braiding. There is no difference at all. Before we get into business let us check the technique involved. This helps you bring out your imagination into reality. Once you know how cornrows are achieved, you can get the hold of any random variation just in no time.

  1. The basic step, brush your corn locks and get rid of all the tangles. Achieving cornrow when hair has tangles gets extremely difficult. So this is a very important stride.
  2. Divide the whole section of hair into several tiny sections. Each section should be very thin and the length of the section should hold the length of the scalp.
  3. Since dividing hair into so many sections and individually securing them is difficult, there is a way of doing it.
  4. Divide hair into 2 halves and secure them individually.
  5. Unsecure one of the sections, grab a rat tail comb and take one section of hair of one or two inches, exactly in the shape you have designed in your head.
  6. For a regular cornrow, hair is braided in a straight line from forehead to scalp.
  7. So in this case, a small section of hair is considered from forehead and using the rat tail comb, hair that lies exactly behind the considered hair is grabbed till nape of the neck.
  8. Secure other loose strands of hair.
  9. The considered section is divided into three strands to braid a regular three strand braid. After every single stitch, the loose hair of the same section is added into the strands.
  10. Keep doing this till the nape of the neck followed by a regular three strand braid till the end.
  11. Similarly the whole section of hair is braided till you get what is called the cornrow hairstyle.

This is how a cornrow braid is done. Let us now look at some of the most popular and my favorite variations of cornrow. Like earlier said, the only difference that is established is the design.

If your hair is very thin and short and wish to have longer cornrows, buy hair extensions that you can individually add to each cornrow. It usually comes in a bunch. Check out this link below for different colors of hair extensions. Let’s get started with the super awesome variations of cornrow hairstyle.

Three Layers Cornrow Braid Hairstyles

This hairstyle is close to the basic cornrow but with a slight difference. But the output will vary drastically. Here you go.

Three Layers Cornrow Braid Hairstyles

  • Brush the hair and ensure it is free from tangles.
  • Grab a rat tail comb and divide the section of hair 2 or 3 inches above the nape of the neck in a horizontal fashion (parallel to the ground).
  • Secure the above section so that it is out of your way.
  • Now you are left with two sections of hair and the bottom one is loose.
  • Using the rat tail comb, create cornrows in the above explained fashion.
  • Try creating as many cornrows as possible.
  • Using a rat tail comb, create another horizontal section above the initially made section and repeat the same.
  • With the left over strands of hair, create as many cornrows as possible.
  • Use braiding extensions if you wish.
  • I prefer using them for a better output.

Short Cornrow Hairstyles

Like the name suggests, this hairstyle is a simple cornrow for people with short hair. You need no hair extensions. But the beauty achieved is still on the same scale.

Short Cornrow Hairstyles

  • Brush your hair and ensure they are tangle free.
  • Like you see in the image, this version of cornrow requires no special equipments.
  • Section and secure hair accordingly and braid hair like explained from forehead to the end.
  • Secure the ends with elastic.
  • Use beads or colorful hangings at the end to enhance its beauty.
  • And you are done.
  • If your hair is too thin, use hair extension of short length. If you have longer ones in hand, include them in the braid from the beginning in order to adjust the length.
  • This hairstyle is perfect for women with long hair too.

Curvy Cornrow Goddess Braids Hairstyles

This particular version of cornrow hairstyle will take a lot of time unlike the other hairstyle mentioned above. Also, to achieve this hairstyle, you first need to get the hold of simpler versions. This hairstyle is inspired from the hairstyle portrayed by the popular basketball player named Allen Iverson. This man is extremely popular for his diverse cornrow hairstyles. Here is one of them that perfectly suits women too.

Curvy Cornrow Goddess Braids Hairstyles

  1. Brush your hair well and carefully observe the image.
  2. Get the design clicked in your head before you start working.
  3. Using rat tail comb, design your scalp according to the design
  4. Do secure loose section of hair while working with braids. This is very important especially while working on such complicated cornrows.
  5. If you have long hair, braid till the ends and decorate the ends in your style.
  6. Using hair extensions becomes mandatory for this hairstyle.
  7. Try this hairstyle twice or thrice on your friend before you try it on yourself.
  8. Check out the final image.

Half Up Cornrow Hairstyles

This is a modernized version of cornrow hairstyle and stand in my top favorite list. If you want to grab the fun of cornrow along with letting your hair loose, here is what you need to do.

Half Up Cornrow Hairstyles

  1. Brush your hair and ensure there are no tangles hidden.
  2. Cornrows are concentrated only from the forehead to the end of top of the head.
  3. Like shown in the image, recreate 3 to 5 cornrows and once you reach the crown secure them using elastic.
  4. Use elastic that matches the color of your hair.
  5. The thickness and width of your cornrows is your choice of style. However I prefer thinner version. It is elegant and subtle.

Mohawk Cornrow Hairstyles

Mowhak is another popular hairstyle and when paired with mowhak, you end up with an extremely bold and stylish hairstyle. Mowhak is a hairstyle that is achieved by shaving the sides of the head and styling the hair at the top of the head. Let’s see how mowhak cornrow hairstyle is achieved.

Mohawk Cornrow Hairstyle

Mohawk Cornrow Hairstyles

  1. Brush your hair properly, especially the sides.
  2. Start braiding cornrows starting from the hair close to the ears and move upwards.
  3. Repeat the same till hair in the sides comes under cornrow.
  4. Cornrows should be created all through the sides from start till the end.
  5. Pin the end of the cornrows by concealing them cleanly under the hair at the top.
  6. The final result should be close to the one shown in the image.
  7. This hairstyle gives you a typical mowhak hairstyle without actually shaving the sides.

Partial Cornrow Hairstyles

You might find this hairstyle close to half up cornrow but there is a difference, though a slight difference.

Partial Cornrow Hairstyles

  1. As usual, brush hair and get rid of all the tangles.
  2. Recreate cornrows all over the forehead till crown like shown in the image.
  3. Tie a ponytail. I prefer high ponytail.
  4. With the loose section of ponytail, do whatever you want.
  5. Leave it as it is or braid it.
  6. Pair up this hairstyle with a jeans and a funky t-shirt.
  7. You are all set for a casual outing.

Side Cornrow Hairstyles

This variation of cornrow is very stylish, classy and super duper simple. I’m sure the image is just enough for you to recreate the hairstyle. But still let me help you out.

Side Cornrow Hairstyles

  1. Brush your hair well and make a side deep partition.
  2. On the leaner side recreate as many cornrows as possible. Or you can create one one cornrow by including all the hair that is present on the respective side like shown in the image.
  3. Sweep the loose hair to the other side.
  4. And you are done.
  5. Pair up this hairstyle with a beautiful long flowing dress for a perfect look.

Cornrow Bun

This is a very simple bun just like the regular bun but with cornrows. Let’s check the recreation steps.

Cornrow Braided Bun Popular Hairstyles

  1. Like a general full cornrow, create versatile and the very basic cornrows.
  2. For this cornrow bun, I prefer ‘3 layer cornrow’ that has been already explained above.
  3. Once they are achieved, tie a ponytail and secure all the free ends with elastic that matches the hair color.
  4. Like a regular bun, create the cornrow bun.
  5. If the cornrows are falling apart while creating bun, grab a couple of elastic and secure all the cornrows together at two different points along the length of the hair.
  6. This eases your task and you will be able to achieve the hairstyle just in no time with super accuracy.

How to Take Care of Cornrows

Cornrows differ not only in the way they are braided but also in the way they are taken care of. But, maintenance of this hairstyle is the easiest of all. The time taken by you to style your hair everyday is cut down drastically. This is because, once you braid cornrow, you can leave them undisturbed for a week or two. If you are thinking of how can hair be clean if you leave them undisturbed, then let me tell you, you can wash the cornrows without unbraiding them and that’s the beauty of this hairstyle.

Washing Tips for Cornrow Hairs

  1. Use a net while shampooing the hair. This ensures the braids are tight and don’t fall apart.
  2. Wet the hair. Do not use excess water.
  3. Gently apply shampoo to the hair through net. Minimum is maximum while washing cornrows.
  4. Make a note of using conditioner after application of shampoo. This is very important.
  5. Remove the net and pat towel very carefully. You can remove the net if you wish, while applying conditioner too.
  6. Do not rub towel rigorously.
  7. Use hair spray after the hair gets dried. This is also mandatory.
  8. The force you concern while applying shampoo and conditioner is the key factor that decides the beauty of cornrows even after hair wash.

Other Maintenance Tips for Cornrow

  1. Cover your hair with a satin scarf while sleeping.
  2. Keep scalp always moist. Water is the best medicine.
  3. Apply sealing product to the roots at least once in a week.
  4. Wash the braids once in a week. Change this rule according to the climate you are living in.
  5. Re-braid the edges for a fresher look.

And that’s it from us for the day. Hope you liked this tutorial. Do drop us your pretty images if you have recreated any of these hairstyles yourself. We are excited to see you.

Have a good day and as always, stay stylish!!

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