Bubble Ponytail Hairstyles for Women with Long Hair

5 Best Hairstyles for Long Hair

Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long or short, which hair suits you depends on a lot of parameters which when weighed against all the odds gives you clear picture of what should you go for. If you ask me, long hair is versatile and comes with a lot of advantages. If you are thinking of chopping your long hair, the result you shall end up with is sheer regret. Regrets are always worse that the bad haircut.

Hairstyles completely depend on illusion. If a particular hairstyle is good on you, it is because, that particular hairstyle has created an illusion of a perfect face with perfect features. If you know your facial shape and what hairstyle suits you better, you can ditch hairstylists. But for me long hair always tops the list irrespective of facial features and facial shape. For people of my frame of mind, here are 5 best hairstyles for long hair. Let’s get started.

Plopping Curls Hairstyles

We have always discussed about hairstyles that mostly include braids. But for a change, let us discuss about hairstyle that involves no braiding of hair. Here in this section of tutorial we are going to discuss about how to achieve plopping curls and the best part is, you do not have to treat your hair with heat. The finished look shown in the image below can be achieved without a pinch of heat. This technique is a boon to all women with straight hair. All you need is a t-shirt and you are done.

Plopping Curls Hairstyles

Requirements for Plopping Curls Hair Style

Length and Texture of Hair

Medium to long hair is the basic requirement. But more than the medium length hair, long hair is worth considering.

The texture of the hair can be anything but curly as there is no point curling the already curly hair.

Equipments Required

  • Wet hair
  • Mousse
  • T-Shirt
  • Dry shampoo
  • Brush (Not mandatory)

Time Taken: Overnight

Occasion: Dates, Office, college, vacation

Procedure for Plopping Curls – Without Heat

The technique involved in turning straight hair into curly without using a curler is not a popular technique to my surprise. But, if you see the video, the results are quite amazing. Working on wet hair is mandatory. Let the hair not be too dry. If you work on dry hair the results are not so satisfactory. The way you tie the t-shirt marks the difference. Check out the video a couple of times to grasp the technique appropriately. Use of hair brush is not advisable. But if your hair is too messy, you are left with no other option.

Here is the video which shows how straight or wavy hair is turned into curly hair without treating your precious locks with heat.

Rope Twisted Pinwheel Bun Hair Style for Women

When you see the image, I’m sure you will find it very complicated. But if you are giving up trying this hairstyle just by looking at the image, think twice. Because, it is not as complicated as you see in the image. The whole hairstyle is based on rope braids. Recreate this hairstyle immediately after hair wash. You need no hair styling skills nor do you need any complicated hair styling equipments. For special occasions, this is the best hairstyle that you should definitely give a try. Let us now look at the internal details of this hairstyle.

Rope Twisted Pinwheel Bun Hair Style for Women

Requirements for Rope Twisted Bun Hairstyle

Length and Texture of Hair

For this hairstyle, it is mandatory that the hair is long enough. Short hair and medium hair women should unfortunately keep this hairstyle at bay. If you so wish, use hair extensions and try out this hairstyle.

The texture of the hair doesn’t really make any difference. You can try this hairstyle irrespective of the texture of your hair.

Equipments Required

  • Brush
  • Donut
  • Elastic
  • Hair spray
  • Bobby pin
  • Hair accessories

Time Taken: 15 minutes (Depends on the length and thickness of hair)

Occasion: Gym, Sports, Prom, Wedding

Procedure for Rope Twisted Pinwheel Bun

The rope twisted pin wheel bun is a super simple hairstyle. If you know to twist the hair, you can recreate this hairstyle like an expert. While choosing a donut bun, choose the one which matches the color of your hair. Though the bun will not be visible after you are done, it is better to choose it that way to be on the safer side. Hair accessories make the hairstyle feminine. For special occasions, I think you should grab one. Start the hairstyle when your hair is wet. Don’t let it dry completely. Use hair spray especially if your hair is layered. Here is the link. Please click on it and check out the steps for recreation.

Bubble Ponytail Hairstyles for Women with Long Hair

Bubble ponytail is a simple ponytail with spiced up steps. Simple and boring ponytail is turned into a super cool one by adding simple steps. There is little you need to learn for recreating this hairstyle. Even the first timers can try this look like an expert. This is a hairstyle that has been a favorite in several fashion shows and in several popular magazines.  You need no hairstyling tools too. Recreate this look when your hair is not too greasy for better results. This hairstyle can be a side ponytail or centre ponytail. Recreate side ponytail for a better look.

Bubble Ponytail Hairstyles for Women with Long Hair

Requirements for Bubble Ponytail Hairstyles

Length and Texture of Hair

Long hair women and medium length hair women can give this hairstyle a try. Since this is a ponytail, women with short hair cannot try this hairstyle unfortunately.

For silky hair, the finished look is clean and clear. But for wavy and curly hair, the output is a little messy. Now you decide what you would like your output to be.

Equipments Required

  • Brush
  • Elastic

Time Taken: 5 Minutes

Occasion: College, Office, Gym, Casual Wear

Procedure for Bubble Ponytail

The procedure involved while recreating the bubble braid is a child’s play. Anyone of any age can give this hairstyle a try. Use elastics that match the color of your hair, or use contrasting colors. If you wish to hide the elastic, wrap a small piece of hair around the elastic and pin the ends carefully with bobby pins after creating every single bubble. But this is optional. Style the bands as per the occasion you are planning to attend.  For a smoother and feminine look, let them fall on your face. Here is the link for the video. Have a look and recreate this hairstyle like a pro.

Top Knot Half Up and Half Down Hairstyle for Women

This hairstyle is a bun that is created by considering only half of the hair. The rest of the hair is simply left loose. It is a very simple hairstyle that you can give a try even if you are running out of time. You can recreate this hairstyle even while travelling if you have a couple of bobby pins. Creation of simple bun is all you need to know and there is nothing complicated in that. You can recreate this hairstyle on any day after hair wash. But if your hair is too greasy, do not leave the hair loose. Let’s now check out the other details of the hairstyle.

Top Knot Half Up and Half Down Hairstyle for Women

Requirements for Top Knot Hairstyle

Length and Texture of Hair

This hairstyle is for women with long and medium length hair. Long hair is the best and first option. If hair is thick, short hair women also can give this hairstyle a try by using required number of bobby pins.

The texture of the hair though doesn’t make any difference, wavy and curly hair looks way beautiful when this hairstyle is recreated.

Equipments Required

  • Brush
  • Bobby pins

Time Taken: 2 to 43 minutes

Occasion: Dates, Vacations, Office, College

Procedure for Top Knot Half Up & Half Down Hairstyle

The procedure involved in recreating this hairstyle is pretty simple. How the top knot is created is all you need to know and that’s not rocket science. Thick hair yields better results than sleek hair. Curl your hair if you have time, though it is not mandatory. If you don’t wish to have flat forehead, tease the hair before you create the top knot. But clear forehead is much better. Style the bangs and let them fall smoothly over your face. Here is the video link for you. Have a look.

Organic Bun Hairstyles for Long Hair

Organic bun is the bun that is created without using any hairstyling tools and equipments. This is by far the most commonly adopted hairstyle that every girl knows or should know. While most of us know how an organic bun is created, it falls apart very soon as we do not follow the right technique. Here in this section of tutorial we are dealing with those techniques that have to be followed while creating an organic bun. Let’s get started.

Organic Bun Hairstyles for Long Hair

Requirements for Organic Bun Hairstyles

Length and Texture of Hair

The length of the hair can be anything between medium to long. Long hair ends up with a bigger bun compared to medium length hair.

This hairstyle is independent of the texture of hair. Any girl/woman with hair can recreate an organic bun.

Equipments Required


Time Taken: 2 Minutes

Occasion: Casual Wear/ Anywhere

Procedure for Organic Bun

Organic bun is not actually a bun that can be worn for special occasions. It is a basic bun that every woman should know. There sometimes comes a situation where we will have absolutely nothing in hand and loose hair demands some attention. That is when this organic braid comes into picture. Your hair can be oily or fresh, it really doesn’t matter. You can go for it anywhere and everywhere. After all, comfort is our first priority. Check out the video once or twice to grab the technique suitably. Check out the steps in the video given below.

And ladies, that is all we have for the day. With the anticipation that you have liked these hairstyles, we are signing off for the day. With your valuable comments, do let us know which hairstyle you have like the most. If you have tried any of them, don’t forget to drop in your beautiful pictures. We would like to see you all accepting our effort.

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